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Pathways Team Report

The Pathways Team was created in the fall of 2016 by the Administrative Council.  This team had a very simple three-part directive:

1-Provide meaningful direction and input on the present and future of DUMC. 


2-Develop a 1-5 year pathway for the church, with specifics on how to achieve our goals based on the data.


3-Present these findings to the Administrative Council for review, discussion, input on the direction to be taken, and implementation.


The team has prayerfully and deliberately worked through much data to discern our congregation’s mission and vision and develop a plan to achieve that vision in the near future (1-3 years). While our journey has taken an unexpected detour in recent months due to the COVID-19, we have developed valuable insights.


We invite you to check out the Pathways Team Presentation and the Missional Strategies and proposed Implementation Goals.

Also, take a moment to watch a video from some of the Pathways Team members sharing their hopes for our current and future church here.

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